UDS -2

UDS is approaching, only 2 days before the start. It’s usually the period when community members arrive from all over the world (Canonical folks are usually here 1 week before).

It’s also my case, arriving from France today, with some difficulties (Air France’s strike).

This year is a bit different than last UDS (it will be my 5th UDS), because I’m sponsored by Canonical this time (thanks to them !). It will also be the first UDS with Lubuntu officially in the Ubuntu family, and with our first official release with this status. So, I decide to blog a bit more this time. I’ll try to summarized the session I’ll follow. I’ll also try to add quick introductions to some concepts of the UDS (blueprints, schedule …) for people who discover the UDS.

Usually, it’s time for me to select the sessions I want to follow. The best thing to do is to subscribe to the corresponding blueprints [1]. Actually, subscribing doesn’t mean you want to assist to the session, but by doing this :

– The schedule [2] will try to adapt itself, to arrange the sessions so you can participate at most of the blueprints you subscribed. But it’s limited, and if you subscribed to many sessions, it may be conflicts, and you will have to choose. But be careful, the schedule changes every-time during UDS 🙂

– You will be notified for each modification made to the blueprint, such as the whiteboard which containing tasks for developers related to this blueprint, or some notes about the topics of this blueprint.

1 important thing, is that you can participate to the sessions, even if you are not physically here. Each rooms have also a specific IRC channel, so you can ask questions and participate remotely. the sound of all sessions are also available, so you can also hear people talking, and react on IRC 🙂 If you plan to do so, be sure to subscribe to blueprints you want to follow, and also to register to the UDS page [3], so the schedule will also try to be nice with you 🙂

Personally, I’ll follow many desktop sessions (to be sure they don’t mess up things which affect Lubuntu :)) and also some related to the release team.

That’s all for today 🙂

PS : If you don’t know me, you can find information on my wiki page [4], it will show you what are my interests on Ubuntu / Lubuntu and so the sessions I will probably follow and report 🙂 I’ll try also to use my twitter account a bit more this time 🙂

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-p

[2] http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/

[3] https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-p/+attend

[4] http://wiki.ubuntu.com/gilir

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  1. […] Voir l’article en anglais : https://gilir.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/uds-p-2/ […]

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