UDS Day 2

Today sessions:

Shrink the image build pipeline



This session was to reduce the time to build ISOs. It’s important during testing time, when we need to rebuild many ISOs. For example, if ubiquity is broken, and it’s fixed during ISO testing, many ISOs need to be rebuild to re-do testing. By reducing this time, you speed up testing and reduce the risk to delay a release.


Identify build breaks on daily ISOs



This one was about automated testing and to generate a report into a central place, to ensure daily ISO are in good shape enough to be tested (booting, installation OK …). It’s useful to ensure people are aware of the  state of the daily builds, and if it’s broken, they don’t need to download it (and don’t loose time to download something broken). It will be only available for Ubuntu and Ubuntu server, but as some pieces are common across the distributions (like ubiquity),it’s also useful for all derivative.


Lubuntu user experience



First session for Lubuntu, it was to discuss improvements like new features, new applications by default. There was not so many people on the room, but some had the possibility to participate on IRC. Basically, I presented the items I’ll be working on for this cycle :

– Lightdm enable by default for Alpha 1

– Multi-screen configuration : not easy to configure with lxrandr. Solution : Extend lxsession to accept configuration from other utility like arandr.

– Lxsession options / services : Add possibility to configure applications by default, and to enable them or not (screensaver, power-management …)

– lubuntu-software-center : Add it by default, but keep synaptic.





Presentation of FreeRDP and Remmina. There is another session this week to discuss inclusion of FreeRDP and Remmina by default on Ubuntu (to replace vinaigre, tsclient …). We had also a demo on the features. Upstream is pretty active, and starts integration into Ubuntu (port to GTK3, indicator support …).


Plenaries were about Openstack and Rackspace, applications development, and Qt. ecosystem (how is it organized, achievements, and future plan with Qt 5.0).


Piloting a new test case management tool



This session was to discuss the use of a test cases management tool, to replace the current wiki pages. No decision was made, but people was able to discussed features they want in the next tool.


Optimization in Lubuntu



The second session of Lubuntu was not very useful,as many items were discuss on the other session.Discussion will probably move to the mailing when it’s needed. The only important thing is that we will kept GTK2 for most of our applications, as we will not have the resources to migrate them all.


Improving weekly release meeting



The last session was about the weekly release meetings we have with many other teams to share what happened last week, what are the plans for next week, current issues …We discuss some improvements to make it more interactive (because currently, it’s often a copy / paste of a wiki page during the meeting). Status of each team will be asked 1 day before the meeting, so people will have time to prepare the meeting, and it should reduce the time needed for this meeting. We also have a quick presentation on what tools are available (status.ubuntu.com for example).


That’s all fort today 🙂

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